handy pet nanny


"I have used Handy Pet Nanny services several times in the past year when I have out of town trips. My dog needs walking twice daily and has a schedule he has to maintain to be balanced. This service allows my dog to remain home where he is comfortable and isn't exposed to the stress of boarding. He gets fed and exercised and stays on his routine. 

Mary Ott sends progress reports, videos, and pictures while I am away so  I can see the dog is quite happy. I recommend her (Handy Pet Nanny) highly!"

"Mary has provided pet care and pet sitting for our toy poodle for 4 years now. She knows our dog so well; all her habits and mannerisms.  I notice that my poodle is much more relaxed and less stressed in private care with Mary than when she is boarded at the local kennel. At a kennel, there are too many dogs and not a lot of individual attention is spent on more fragile pets. My dog is older, has seizures which requires twice daily medication, and needs a more quiet environment so her anxiety does not escalate.

Handy Pet Nanny rates are reasonable for what other pet  services charge for in-home care overnight or pet visits twice a day. I appreciate the professionalism and quality service Handy Pet Nanny gives us every time."

"With both of us working full-time, we were so happy to have found Handy Pet Nanny to walk our dogs five days a week and provide great overnight pet care when we go away. Maizy & Bella love their Nanny Mary!" 

Handy Pet Nanny is professional, prompt and gives us terrific feedback on how our dog's visit went."

"Handy Pet Nanny is a service I came across at my local dog park. I tried Handy Pet Nanny's dog walking services. Mary is really great with my dogs and my dogs can't wait for her to arrive and go out and explore our area and hike together. I ended up deciding to have Handy Pet Nanny walk my dogs regularly! 

I would definitely recommend Handy Pet Nanny!!" 


Roger M: